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The 'First Time' tag

Myself and Scamp. More on him later...

I've seen this post crop up on many a blog YouTube channel and even though I've not been tagged by anyone,  thought I'd give it a go anyway! I love reminiscing about my childhood, and often a night in with my friends turns into doing just that.  We didn't grow up together, so it's interesting to see how much we actually had in common without realising.  We once realised we took ballet lessons at the same place when we were much younger! It's so strange to think we could well have been in the same class without knowing and now 20+ years later, we're best friends.  Anyway, I'm going of track here, onto the tag!

First Best Friend

Joanne and I in our early years!
Outside of school my best friend was Joanne.  She lived down the road from me, and our mothers were the best of friends so it was inevitable that we'd be friends too.  We went to different schools but would see each other once school and finished.  When she wasn't at my house, I'd be at hers.  We were inseparable until the age of about 10 or 11 when she decided she didn't want to be my friend any more! We didn't even speak to each other for a good few years, and although we were never best friends again, I'm glad we're still in touch now.

My best friend from the age of bout 6 or 7 was a girl called Claire.  We remained best friends on and off for the remainder of primary school, amidst the usual childish fallouts.  Come senior school, she was part of the 'cool crowd', you know the ones who don't pay attention in lessons and spend their breaks smoking in the toilets or wherever.  She actually bullied me at one point. Nothing major, I escaped lightly compared to what some kids go through, but it was enough for me to once get a lift home from a teacher even though I lived less than five minutes from school.

First Job

Like most teenage girls, I often babysat for relatives to earn a bit of pocket money.  I remember looking after my cousins from when they were about 6 and 2 years of age.  It was fairly easy money, most of the time they were already in bed when I got there so I didn't have to do a lot.  Even when they got a bit older and I'd have to put them to bed, they were never really any bother.  Despite there being such a big age gap between us, I'm actually really close to them and was even bridesmaid to the older one when she got married earlier this year! 

First Phone

I got my first phone aged 17 as a Christmas present and I remember being so excited! It was by Phillips and the network was BT Cellnet, talk about old school! The screen was the tiniest little thing, but all in all it was a cute little phone that was more than enough at the time.  I had this phone for almost a year, when I saved up to buy myself a Nokia 3310. I loved this phone; it had Snake and you could change the covers on it. I also remember how you could compose your own ringtones, and there were websites where you could learn how to convert your favourite songs to ringtones using the ringtone composer. 

First Kiss

My first 'boyfriend' was a boy called Alan.  We were about 7 or 8 and used to hold hands and sit next to each other at school.  He once told my Mam that he'd kissed me and I was mortified! He later moved schools but we were reunited when we started secondary school, where he'd just blank me.  I didn't want to be his girlfriend any more but I remember thinking him acting like I didn't exist was a bit mean!

First Concert

I didn't actually go to concert til fairly late on in life.  I think I was about 16 and it was one of the Smash Hits tours.  Remember them? Westlife were the headline act and me and my friends were seriously obsessed with them at the time.  We had to sit through all kinds of rubbish waiting for them, but as soon as they hit the stage, we went crazy.  We all got shouted at for standing on our chairs too... oops!  My Westlife obsession continued well into my twenties, and since my friends had "grew out" of them, it meant I only got to see them in concert a few times. However myself and one of my best friends took our Mams to see the cinema screening of their last ever concert at Croke Park last year.  Obviously it wasn't the same as being there but it was the next best thing.  And it was drier too, it was pouring down in Dublin that weekend! 

First Music I Bought

The first cassette (retro!) I remember buying myself was Take That's Everything Changes single.  I've loved Take That since they first came out back in the early 90s and are basically what kick-started my love for boybands!   I can't remember whether it was this cassette or the Back for Good single that had a Beatles medley on it too.  I also remember buying Boyzones first album the very day it came out and then receiving it again four months later at Christmas!

First Word

Apparently it was "Oh dear!".  Say no more...!

First Pet

The infamous Magic. And yes, I'm questioning my outfit too...

 When I was 2, my grandparents got a black Shih Tzu named Scamp, who's in the picture with me above.  Since I spent pretty much every weekend of my childhood at my grandparents' as far as I was concerned he was my dog too.  Some of my earliest memories are of being sat on the floor with my Grandad listening to music, with Scamp curled up with us.  He lived til he was about 12 years old and I remember being so upset when he was put to sleep.

Apart from the obligatory goldfish that pretty much everyone had, I remember when I was about 8 getting a budgie.  We called him Magic after the  Cockatiel on a TV show called 'Wackaday' which was big in the 80s.  We had him for years til one day somebody left his cage door open and he escaped.  I was devastated.  A few days later our neighbour knocked on our door to say there was a budgie that looked like ours in their garden.  I can still see my Grandad chasing after him, trying to catch him with my green dressing gown! He caught him in the end, though!

 First Makeup

I have a few memories of using my Mam's and Grandma's make up as a child.  I remember once my Grandma doing my make up and then we did a "fashion show" which was basically her taking photos of me in different outfits! I bought my own make up for the first time when I was about 12.  At that age, some of the girls at school had started to come in wearing bits of makeup; nothing major as our school was quite strict, but just concealer, mascara and basics like that.  I remember buying this hideous nude Rimmel lipstick called "Earth Star" like a girl in my English class had.  It was a browny kind of nude that did nothing for me.  Sadly(!) I think Rimmel no longer make this fetching shade, but if you Google it you just may find some swatches...

First Tweet

I actually have no idea! It was probably something along the lines of  "I have no idea what I'm doing" or "Hello no-one!" as I obviously had no followers when I first singed up! It seemed so complicated at first to, now I do wonder why I struggled so much as it's so simple! I wouldn't be without it now though, such a good way to get your blog out there, and to find other blogs and bloggers too.  If you don't already follow me, I'd love for you to come and say hi, you can find me at @sarahkayblogs.

Well that's all the questions done.  I actually really enjoyed doing that tag and having a trip down memory lane.  A lot of the tags I've seen so far are beauty related so it's nice to do something different.  Obviously we all have a love for beauty, fashion, makeup etc, but I think these kinds of posts are nice to know the person behind the blog a little bit and have a little nosey into their past and so on.  If you've done this tag, I'd love to have a little read so please leave your links in the comments and I'll be sure to have a look!

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