Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Recent Empties #2

A little round up of what I've used up lately...

URBAN DECAY NAKED SKIN FOUNDATION: I've had this for about a year and have been using it on and off, alternating with a couple of others.  One of the reasons I bought is was because it doesn't contain any SPF so I thought it'd be good for nights out or any other occasion where there would be a lots of flash photography.  Having said that, on the few nights out I wore it for, I still noticed a white cast on my face, making me look paler than I already am.  It still made a nice foundation for day time though, it blended in quickly and didn't feel too heavy or cakey.  I'm always trying out new foundations though, so I won't be repurchasing.

BENEFIT CORALISTA:  I know, I know, this box is in a bit of a state! In my defence though, I have had it for years, quite possibly longer than I should have kept it. An absolutely gorgeous blush; Benefit's boxed powders are definitely one of my favourite products of theirs.  I'll definitely be purchasing this again at some point.

NO7 BEAUTIFUL SKIN DAY CREAM:  I've been using No7 moisturisers pretty much since I started even using moisturiser.  I've used the odd pot of something else, but have always gone back to this.  A good, basic moisturiser that does the job brilliantly.  Great value for money, especially with the vouchers.  Although I'm using a different moisturiser at the moment, I've no doubt I'll be using this again in the not too distant future.

NO7 BEAUTIFUL SKIN MELTING GEL CLEANSER: You can see my review of this product here.  Originally using this as a makeup remover, I was disappointed that I couldn't use this to take off my eye make up.  I switched to using this as my morning cleanser and I actually really liked it.  The feeling when you add water and make into more of a milky cleanser is so refreshing.  I haven't yet repurchased as I've other things to use up, but I may well in the future.

CHAMPNEYS DISTANT SHORES BUBBLE HEAVEN:  There's still one or two baths left in this bottle, but I'm mentioning it now so I can get rid of the rest of these empties that have been cluttering up my room.  This was a treat out of my Boots points, all 12,00 of them.  It certainly looks very luxurious in its large, glass bottle.  It also smells divine, as does all the Champney's range.  Although you definitely get more baths for your buck from this than you would from a Lush bubble bar, it still isn't the cheapest out there, and so I don't think I'd be repurchasing this any time soon.  I may treat myself again when I have enough Boots points though...


  1. Mmmmm the Champneys is my favourite!! I treat myself to it about every 12 months and just use it when I have time for a really long soak!!

    1. Yep, definitely not something to be used every day, as tempting as it is! xx


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