Friday, 28 February 2014

No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator

 As far as skin types go, my skin is definitely on the dry side.  It's usually pretty manageable, but if I get lazy with my skincare routine my skin does get dry, and my forehead and nose in particular, become quite flaky.   This is even more apparent with the weather we're having lately; cold wind and central heating can take its toll and my skin has been looking dry and dull.  This is nothing that can't be kept under control buy keeping up with a good skincare routine and this exfoliator is definitely a valuable part of that.  I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of No7's Beautiful Skin range, and I actually think it's a range that is quite underrated.  The products are all of great quality, they look good and they're brilliant value for money, especially with the £5 vouchers that seem to be around more than ever lately.

I'm quite cautious of super "scrubby" exfoliators on my face, such as the St Ives scrubs.  I've never used them personally, but from what I've read online they do seem particularly harsh  and I'm not keen to use something like that on my skin and in all honesty, I don't really need to anyway.  This scrub by No7, despite being really gentle, does all the exfoliating I need it to.  It certainly isn't jam-packed with exfoliating particles, in fact there seems to be hardly any visible pink grains at all.  That said, I can still feel them working as I massage the product into my skin, and upon rinsing away, any dry or flaky patches are gone and I'm left with really smooth, clear skin that actually feels really nice and soft to the touch. It also has a nice, delicate almost floral scent to it, nothing too over powering or artificial which is good for those amongst us who don't like heavily scented products on the face.  This scrub is aimed to those of us with dry skin, though I believe No7 also do a version for more oily skin types.  I'd definitely suggest giving this ago if your skin leans more towards the drier side of things.  It's very gentle, so I'd say it's certainly worth a look if you're worried about a harsher scrub affecting your skin. 


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  1. This sounds like a really good product, I have combination skin so like the exfoliation to get any grease off my face but a nourishing product to take care of my skin too. I might try it.
    Thanks for sending me your link after last night's FBL Chat.

    Olivia @ Awake Looks


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