Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dove Refersh & Care Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has, in recent years, become an absolute staple in my haircare arsenal.  It was a life saver when my hair was dyed red as less hair washing meant a slowing down of the dreaded fading.  Even now my hair is a more natural colour, I'm still a big fan.  I normally stick to good old Batiste as it's cheap and cheerful, and almost always on offer somewhere.  However while going a bit mad in Boots during their 3 for 2 offer, I opted to give Dove's version a go and, in all honesty, I'm really pleased I did.

One thing that tends to bug me with most dry shampoos is that even though they do a great job of making your hair look a lot better, it doesn't always feel it.  They often leave a bit of a residue in my hair that makes it feel quite chalky to the touch.  For this reason I'll usually still end up wearing my hair in a ponytail or top knot.  I'm pleased to say this was not the case with Dove's dry shampoo.  My hair actually felt really nice and soft, and I could feel no residue at all.  I still wore a half-pony, but that was mainly because my top layers were looking a bit unruly and I didn't have time to go over them with straighteners.

Another major plus is that Dove's dry shampoo is virtually invisible in my medium/dark brown hair.  I've found that even those dry shampoos designed for darker hair still leave a bit of a white cast at my roots, and I've enough greys to be worrying about as it is without spraying more into my hair! Although there still is a tiny bit of a white cast with this, especially if you're using loads, it really is very minimal and much less than I've noticed in other dry shampoos.  It blends in so easily, and once brushed though you can't see it at all. It also has a really fresh, clean smell.  I often find some dry shampoos lose their scent once in the hair, and just "smell of dry shampoo" if that makes sense? With the Dove, the scent is long lasting, yet not at all over powering.

At £4.99 for 200ml it is more expensive than the likes of Batiste, but it seems to work much better, for me anyway.  I've also read it makes a pretty good texturising spray, similar to the infamous Oribe spray, but for a fraction of the price.  I've not tried using it like this as yet, but I can certainly see it working as it's much lighter than a lot of dry shampoos out there and £4.99 for a multi-purpose product isn't all that bad.  I've been tending to use Dove for days when I still want to wear my hair down, and keeping a bottle Batiste on my fringe for days when my hair is tied up for work. 

What's your favourite dry shampoo?


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  1. i tend to stick with my trusty brunette Batiste, but I love the sound of the Dove one. I must give it a go! x


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