Thursday, 20 February 2014

Max Factor Excess Volume, Extreme Impact Mascara

Max Factor's False Last Effect is one of my all time favourite mascara ranges.  I love the original, and also the 'fusion' version, in the purple tube.  As much as I love it, I don't buy it religiously but I do find myself going back to it time and time again.  I went into Boots expecting to pick this up but instead was drawn to another, the Excess Volume, Extreme Impact mascara which was at the introductory price of £9.99.  This double ended mascara features False Lash Effect on one end, combined with a more glossy 'lacquer' on the other.  The latter is of a thinner consistency and has a more traditional, tapered brush with longer bristles.  This is meant to act as a 'top coat' to give your lashes a glossy finish.

My main issue with this mascara is the application.  I'm right handed and have always applied mascara to both eyes with this hand.  This is fine for my right eye, but the short wands of this mascara make it really hard to do my left eye, particularly the inner lashes.  I am getting a bit better with practise, but if I'm in a rush to get ready (which is often the case!) I don't have time for any extra faffing about.  I've tried using my left hand to my left eye, but I end up with clumpy lashes which isn't a good look at all!  Having said that, it applies well and holds a curl, and doesn't really flake or smudge during the day.  I don't think it's actually classed as being waterproof but it does need a decent makeup remover to take off at the end of the day.  Max Factor recommend an oil-based eye makeup remover, but I manage to get it all off pretty easily with my Clinique cleansing balm.  

Max Factor's Excess Volume, Extreme Impact mascara is currently £9.99 in Boots and is due to increase to £12.99 at the end of this month.  

Have you tried this mascara? Do you have the same issues with the application as me?


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