Friday, 27 September 2013

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant

Anyone else hate buying everyday  beauty products? Things like deodorant, razors, toothpaste? Obviously I still buy them, but I'd much rather spend my money on more glamourous things like makeup, skincare and body products.  But the basics needs to be bought as well, and as far as deodorants go I've always stuck to the typical aerosol cans; usually whatever's on offer.  Working in a busy kitchen, especially in the recent warm weather, I felt my choice of deodorant wasn't doing it's thing basically and decided to look for an alternative.

I'd heard great things about the maximum protection deodorants by Sure but had always been hesitent to part with that much money for a deoderant.  At £4.50, they're pretty much twice the price of a normal cream deodorant, but are also supposed to be twice as effective so I thought it may be worth the investment, as in theory applying it every 48 hours (as Sure say you should!) it should last twice as long!

Sure recommend that for best results you apply this at night before bed, which seemed a little strange but I went along with it anyway.  Apparently our body's temperature isn't constant throughout the day and it goes through a cycle called the 'circadian rythym.' This makes the skin more receptive at night when your body's resting, which allows the formula to build up a strong layer of protection for the day ahead.  It also stays put if you have a shower the next morning.  I tend to shower in the evenings but, I did try this out and I'm happy to say I could still smell the fragrance of the deoderant on me post-shower.

As I said it did feel a bit strange not applying a deoderant on the mornings, I actually grabbed it to apply again before putting it back. I went about my day at work, and even after an 8 hour stint in the kitchen plating up meals, I still felt fresh and dry.   I was even more dubious the following day, and I must admit I didn't feel quite as fresh if I'm being honest.  I did notice a slight wetness on day two (sorry, gross I know!)  although I did still smell pretty fragrant.  I think if I wasn't running around the kitchen like a crazy lady it might have lived up to it's claim.  For the most part, I've been applying it each night after a bath or shower, so it won't quite last twice as long like I'd hoped.  Having said that, it's one of the best deoderants of tried and I won't be rushing back to an aerosol any time soon.



  1. Great review and what an interesting product! I can't imagine getting in the shower and a deodorant still working afterwards so this must be quite a powerful product! And isn't is strange that you have to apply it before bed! To be honest, I'm not surprised it doesn't last the full 48 hours but I still think it looks quite impressive. I might have to try this out myself :-) xx

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    1. Yeah I wasn't convinced it'd work but it really did! It's definitely worth a try :) x


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