Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Soap and Glory Lid Stuff in What's Nude

Yes I know, another Soap and Glory product. This little quad has been sitting in my stash for a while but it hasn't had a lot of love recently, until I rediscovered it last month. This was one of the first Soap and Glory make up items I bought. I'm a sucker for neutral shadows, so out of the three choices of colours, this was the obvious choice. Unlike my beloved Naked palettes, this quad has predominantly matte shades; Vanilla (white), Pink T (a dusky skin-toned pink) and Mudhoney (a grey-toned brown) and just the one shimmery shade, Aubersheen (a taupe-y kind of colour).

Despite just the four colours, this is a very versatile palette. I tend to use Pink T all over the lid to even out my lids and add just a hint of colour.  For an every day look I'll then use either Mudhoney or Aubersheen in the crease.  For an evening, or more intense look, I'll simply take Mudhoney more over the lid, and concentrate Aubersheen in the crease and maybe use it on my bottom lash line too. Then Vanilla makes a brilliant inner corner or highlight colour. Admittedly the matte shades, especially the lighter two, are a little on the chalky side, but as I tend to use these two shades quite lightly, it doesn't really matter too much.

Clockwise from top left: Vanilla, Pink T, Aubersheen & Mudhoney

My most recent discovery with this quad though is that Mudhoney works brilliantly on my brows. I can't believe I hadn't noticed this before! The idea just came to me while I was doing my make up one day last week so I thought I'd try it. For a second I thought it may be a bit too light, but once applied my brows looked the best they've looked in a while! My eyebrows are very thin and sparse and using something like Benefit's Brow-Zings often looked too harsh and unnatural on me (that could be the way I'm applying it though...?) but this just works so much better and has become my go to product for my brows.  I'd say if you had light to medium brunette hair, and own this palette, it's well worth giving this a go.

Not the best swatches, sorry! L-R: Vanilla, Pink T, Mudhoney and Aubersheen.

The only thing I wish they'd done differently with this palette is incorporated a mirror instead of the clear lid. I've lost count of the times I've gone to hold it like a compact mirror when I'm doing my eye make up. With a black lid, Soap and Glory could have been a bit more creative and maybe added one of their typical retro images to the front. Having said that, the quad does look very sleek and the packaging is very sturdy so it's not really an issue.  There are two more of these Lid Stuff palettes available; Off The Wall Flowers, which contains bright purples and blues, and Smokey Dokey which is made up of different grey shades and would make an amazing smokey eye. At £10 each, £30 for 12 shadows isn't bad at all, and just think of the looks you could create by owning all three and mixing and matching across all the shades.  Definitely something for everyone!

Have you tried any of Soap and Glory makeup? What's your favourite product?


  1. This is lovely, it's nice to see an affordable quad that leans towards pinky instead of black. I never think to look at soap and glory for make-up, really, but I'll definitely be taking a look!

    S xo.

  2. I've heard nothing but good things about this palette and you're absolutely right - a mirror would have gone a long way to make it feel more of a solid, stand alone product!

    Charlotte - xx


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