Monday, 14 October 2013

Removing Glitter Nail Polish

As any regular readers of this blog will have realised, I LOVE glitter nail polishes. That said, I'm sure you'd agree that they can be a nightmare to remove; the cotton pad catches on the glitter, then dries out before you've even done one nail, and you end up with glitter everywhere... it's no fun and almost makes me wish I hadn't bothered wearing my beloved sparkly polishes.  However, there is a solution! I actually came across a You Tube video of this a good while ago, but never actually bothered trying it until this very morning.  I was so impressed I just had to blog about it! As much as I'd love to have been the person who came up with this idea, I'm not, so I'm not trying to take the credit or anything, just simply passing on a genius idea!

You will need:

Pretty, sparkly nails
Nail polish remover
Cotton wool pads cut if half
Tin foil cut into strips/squares.

All you have to do is soak your cotton wool pad in nail polish remover, just as you normally would.  Then, instead of rubbing away at your nail, simply place the pad on top of your nail and wrap one of your pieces of tin foil around it.  Try and make sure you wrap it over the top of your finger too so that no air gets in;  this is what dries out the pad and helps make removing the polish the normal way so tricky.  Just repeat this for each finger, then give each one one last squish so the foil is snugly wrapped around the finger.  Then you just need to wait five minutes or so; just watch a You Tube video, or read a blog post to pass the time.  Once the time is up, simply press down gently on the foil, and remove.  As you will see, 99% of the polish has completely gone! I was actually quite amazed at how much actually came off.  Sure, some nails had little bits of glitter still at the sides, but this came off easily with one last little wipe.  And that's it! No more tugging at your nails for ever, this method is so quick and easy, you'll never dread removing your glitter nail polishes again!

One thing I will say though is, because you're leaving a cotton pad SOAKED in remover on your nail, it can be quite drying. So once you're done and you've washed any residue remover off your nails, be sure to apply some kind of nail/cuticle cream.  I used  Lush's Lemony Flutter, but any cream/oil will do the trick.

Have you used this method before?


  1. sucha good idea, I love tips like this :)

  2. This is a great idea! I will definitely be trying this the next time I use glitter polish!
    Thank you! :D


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