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Urban Decay 'Shattered' Face Case

Outer packaging

Urban Decay Face Case
  Out of everything I bought in my recent haul, the thing I was most excited about was this little beauty from Urban Decay. Given that I own both Naked palettes, not to mention numerous other palettes, I really did not need this one too, but after swatching it I pretty much fell in love and I made my way to the tills before I changed my mind.  Shattered is one of two 'Face Cases' in Urban Decay's 2013 Holiday Collection, but from what I read the other one, Anarchy, is a Sephora exclusive so us Brits won't be able to get our hands on it, unless we're off to the States any time soon that is! The 'Face Case' is not new to Urban Decay, they made their first appearance in the early 2000s, containing four eyeshadows, four lipglosses and a blush. Ten years or so later and they've had a bit of a revamp; this time they come with  five eyeshadows, two blushes, a highlighter, a travel size 24/7 eyeliner and a full sized super-saturated lip pencil.  All for £30, which is a pretty good deal to me!

Top Tier.
On the first tier we have five eyeshadows, all new and exclusive to this palette, although give or take a bit of glitter, you may well have similar shades in your Naked palettes.  That is, with the exception of Remix, which certainly wouldn't be found in a Naked palette! With it's rich purple shimmer and purple micro-glitter, it's a little scary looking but it blends out into a beautiful plum shade and is a perfect way to introduce a bit of colour back into your eye looks if, like me, you've become far to reliant on more neutral shades.  I've found Bleach and Minor Sin both to make great base shades, while Nameless and Shakedown make for a fantastic smokey eye.  Also in the top tier is a travel size Zero eyeliner.  I'd have personally liked to have seen Perversion as I've yet to try it, but if you had another travel size pencil(or a full size that you'd worn down a bit!) you could always swap it over if you wanted to.

Bottom Tier.
The bottom tier contains the two blushes and highlighter, as well as the lip pencil.  Overexposed is a dusty pink, where as temper is more of a baby pink.  As far as I'm aware, Urban Decay do not currently sell powder blushes so I'm wondering with the inclusion of these, as well as two other shades in the Anarchy palette, whether it's something we'll see released in 2014.  Glint is a soft pink shimmery highlighter which looks very pretty on the skin, and I guess you could use it as an eyeshadow too.  Also in the bottom tier is a full size super-saturated lip colour in 'Lovechild' - a lovely pale pink that applies beautifully.  I think this is a shade that would suit a lot of people.  I love the fact that it's in its original pencil form as you don't have to take the whole palette with you to touch up your lip colour.  Again, like with the Zero eyeliner, you can always change the lip pencil to another one in the range if were wanting to take the palette with you.

L-R: Nameless, Remix, Shakedown, Minor Sin & Bleach
This palette is perfect for travelling.  Not only do you have pretty much everything you need for your entire face, it also has a good sized mirror in each tier.  All you'd need on top of this is your base, a mascara and maybe a darker lip colour.  The only thing I'm not keen on is the packaging. I find the whole 'shattered' glass effect a little cheap and tacky looking, and I'd have probably overlooked the palette if there wasn't one open for me to see what was inside. I also wish the names of the colours were on the actual case too rather than just the box as I tend not to keep the outer packaging. However it's what's inside the palette that matters and I certainly wasn't disappointed.  

L-R: Overexposed, Temper & Glint.  Lovechild, Zero.

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