Thursday, 24 October 2013

Origins Gingzing Eye Cream

I've never been one for using eye creams, mainly due to never really establishing a decent skincare routine; it's always just been face-wash and moisturiser in the mornings, and at best, a face wipe or micellar water at night.  Not good, I know.  However as any regular readers will know, in the last few months I've been trying to get into a proper skincare routine, and after looking into different eye creams, I decided to give the popular Ginzing one for Origins a go.

Origins claim that this caffeine-containing eye cream will waken up the eye area, while brightening and depuffing, helping you become one of the 'perky people' (their words, not mine!).  This immediately appealed to me as I've always had quite dark under eye circles; partly down to genetics but I'm also guilty of not getting enough sleep or drinking enough water.  At £23 for 15ml it is quite pricey, but I decided to take the hit and give it a go, and I'm really pleased I did.  

The cream itself is quite a thick consistency, however a little goes a long way so you only need a small amount.  I've been using it for almost two months and there's still loads left so in the long run I guess you are getting value for money.  It has a lovely cooling affect on the skin which really does help you feel more awake, especially on these cold dark mornings, and also if you had a glass of wine too many the night before! While my dark circles are still there when I remove my make up, they do seem to have reduced a little.  I don't think any eye cream would make dark circles disappear altogether if I'm honest, although I have noticed that since using this, my concealer does apply better and stay put for longer.  It's also really helped with the odd dry patches I sometimes get on my brow bone area.

This is a brilliant eye cream that I think is suitable for any age.  I do feel that I could do with something that has more anti-ageing properties to use at night, but for a morning skincare routine it's absolutely fantastic and I would not be without it.


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  1. I had a sachet of this to try and it lasted me for a good 2 weeks! Feels and smells so lovely! I miss it now haha.

    Charlotte - xx


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