Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Osmo Blow Dry Potion

"Once upon a time in a land far away, a potion was sent from your fairy godmother..."*

I've mentioned the Osmo blow dry potion in a couple of posts now - my haircare routine and my August favourites, so I decided that since I clearly love it so much I should give it its own review!  As I said before, I picked this up from my local beauty supply store completely on a whim; I'd gone in for a Tigi hairspray that they were apparently selling off, but were sold out of, and while browsing, I spotted this and decided to give it a try.  The product itself comes in  250ml bottle with a nozzle type applicator.  It's a bit of an odd shape with it getting slightly wider towards the top, and its a lovely pinky purple colour.  To be honest it actually does look  a bit like a "magical potion" sat on my dressing table!

Osmo say:

"Transform hair with this specially forumlated styling lotion designed to thicken and hold all styles.  Enjoy an efortless blow dry expirience while reducing friction and breakages causedby heat stying.  Hair is left full, static free and healthy."

So basically it claims to add volume to the hair while giving it a bit of hold.  So is it any good? Well, in short, yes it is! After washing and towel drying my hair I take about a 50p sized amount and rub it in my hands, then apply to my hair.  The product itself is very liquidy so be sure to squeeze the bottle gently or you'll end up with way too much product. It's described as a "thickening" product and oposed to a "volumising" one and I'd say that's about right.  It certainly doesn't give me masses of volume, but on a day to day basis, that's not neccissarily what I want.  My hair can sometimes appear a bit flat after blowdrying, but since using this I've defintely noticed my hair appear thicker and not so stuck to my head.  It leaves my hair feeling sleek and smooth, which is a huge bonus as it means I don't have to go over it so much with my GHD's.

I've found it also helps to keep my blowdry in place.  As my fair is more on the fine side (even though I have loads of it) I tend to find the ends of my hair, mainly at the front, can become a bit wispy and out of place as the day goes on.  This is no longer the case, my sleek 'do' has stayed put for much longer, with little to no static, which is another thing that used to drive me mad! It also really helps if I've chosen to curl my hair.  I like quite loose waves for a casual look, and tend to brush my curls out to aheive this.  This stuff helps to stop my hair just going frizzy when I do this, and also keeps the waves in place.

One last point; I can't end this review without mentioning the smell, which if I'm honest is what swayed me into buying it in the first place! I was in two minds until I gave it a whiff! It smells devine; it's really fruity and reminds me of some kind of cocktail.  Beautiful, but I'm fairly sure it won't taste as good as it smells!

I believe the RRP for the Osmo blow dry potion is around £8.  I paid £5.99 for mine, and I've seen it  at various prices around the web.  Feel Unique currently have it on sale for £7.99 but if you shop around, I'm sure you could find it cheaper.  Having said that, I'd happily pay the full price for it as it really has worked wonders on my hair!

Have you tried any Osmo products?

*those are the wesbite's words, not mine!

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