Thursday, 26 September 2013

most wanted #4: baking

kitchen-aid: from £386.10  / measuring spoons - £6.40 / mixing bow - £18 / spatula set - £8 / cooling rack £20 / cake stand - £24 / cake turntable - £15 / cupcake boxes - £7 & £5 / measuring cups - £16

I dream of the days of having a beautiful, large kitchen with all my baking bits and pieces matching, and plenty of space to bake lots of delicious cakes and treats. Until that day (i.e. lottery win!) arrives, I get buy with a mix-match of hand me downs, and bargain buys.  It still does the job, and I have everything I need, but a lovely white country style kitchen filled with pastel coloured equipment like in the image is what I hope I'll have one day.

First up is the famous Kitchen-Aid.  I get seriously jealous watching the contestants use these on the Great British Bake Off.  They are ridiculously expensive though, this is the cheaper model, but at nearly £400 I won't be getting one any time soon. They come in so many colours, including a gorgeous hot pink, but I think a more muted colour like this would be more timeless.  A set of measuring spoons is essential, and I love the colours of these ones and how they're tied together with a little bow.  The larger, measuring cups are great for if you're following an American recipe where everything is in cups instead of grams.

I'm more of a cup-cake baker, rather than big cakes, but I would like to get into making larger cakes too, and a turntable like this would make icing a big cake much more easy.  The last one I made I ended up with icing everywhere so I really should invest in one of these.   The spatulas are a pretty basic addition, but I really liked the wooden handles with the blue.  These are essential for getting every last scrap of cake mixture out of the bowl, and match really well with the bowl I've pictured here.

I couldn't resist this cooling rack.  It's intended for cupcakes but there's no reason why would couldn't put your larger masterpiece on here to cool if it was big enough.  I have couple of wire cake stands, but this ceramic one is so elegant and would be a great accompaniment to an afternoon tea.  Lastly, I had to include these gorgeous cupcake boxes.  They're a little pricey but if you were to have cupcakes as something like your wedding favours, then they'd look so nice in these.

I honestly could've added so much more to this wish list. Not only is there tonnes of other bits and pieces that would go with this lot, but there's loads of more contemporary equipment out there that looks really good too if you were wanting a more 'modern' looking kitchen.

What baking goodies would you recommend?

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