Friday, 6 September 2013

Most Wanted #3: Autumn Dresses

Usually when the weather takes a turn for the worse, any summery closed are pushed the back of my wardrobe and I live in jean and boots.  This year, I've decided to change all that, and incorporate some of my summer dresses into my autumn/winter wardrobe, adding tights and a chunky cardigan to make them more appropriate for the colder months.  In addition I've been eyeing up these dresses and I'm hoping to add one or two to my collection to update my wardrobe a little.

I think this dress looks a lot more expensive then the £22.99 price tag. I really like the colour and think it'd look great teamed with cream r tan accessories.  These sorts of colours instantly remind me of autumn, and while this dress may be a little more formal for day to day, for a special day out I think this would be ideal.  The dress is also available in black which would make a great evening outfit.

To be honest I'm slightly put off by the fact this dress is twice as expensive as the previous one, but I just love the colour.  As much as I love the typical autumnal shades, it's still nice to add a bit of colour to brighten up a dull, grey day. I'd personally team this with black tights and cardigan, but with a bit of tan, this would make a great choice for a night out too.  As I'm on a budget, I think I'd have to wait for the sales for a chance at buying this one.

I love the heart print detail on this one, it adds a little bit of interest but without being over the top.  I know it's not too different in colour from the first dress I posted so I'd probably have to choose on over the other.  This one is definitely a bit more casual and I'd feel more comfortable wearing this one on a day to day basis.  I'm not a massive fan of the elasticated part around the waist, but this is something that can probably be covered with a belt.

Dorothy Perkins is one of those shops where I never find much in terms of evening wear, but for smart casual clothes, I think it's fab.  This dress is pretty simple, but has a nice twist detail on the sleeves which stops it being too plain.  Again, you could probably get away with adding heels and wearing it for night out so it could be quite a versatile dress.

 I think everyone's seen this dress.  Caroline Flack wore it, and basically the blogosphere went mad for it. I have a thing for flowery dresses, and as much as I tried not to include any in this post, I couldn't help it, I'm just drawn to them! Although it's quite a summery colour, I think it could be carried on through autumn and although it's out of stock at the moment, I'm very tempted to put a cheeky pre-order in for it...

I know... another flower print dress, I told you I had a problem! I don't really shop in Select that much, although I always go in for a browse.  I think the print on this one is quite unusual, and although the colours aren't the traditional 'autumn' colours,  the dark background makes them work for this time of year.

 What dresses do you have your eyes on this autumn? Do you have any of the one I've mentioned? Let me know!


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