Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Favourite Glitter Polishes

 I'm a massive fan of glitter nail polish and believe everyone should have at least a couple amongst their stash of nail colours.  Even one glitter polish can double the amount of looks you can create with your collection.  They can be applied as a top coat to add subtle sparkle, or with a few coats to each nail for a more dramatic look, perfect for parties.  Add to that accent nails, or gradient glitter effects, there's so many possibilities.  I have a few of these glittering beauties in my own collection and thought it'd be fun to share some of my favourites with you.  These aren't in any order, because let's face it, it was hard enough to choose five without putting them in order too!

No7 gold glitter top coat

This was part of No7's limited edition range last summer, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on this and the silver one.  I love them both, but have had more use out of this one.  This makes a brilliant topcoat over pretty much any colour.  Here it is over Essie's Aruba Blue. I wore this combination to a masquerade party earlier this year (my dress and shoes were blue and accessories gold) and got loads of compliments.  Definitely one of my all-time favourite nail looks!

Nails Inc Chelsea Square

This is a relatively recent addition to my collection, but nevertheless it's shot straight into my top five.  As soon as the lovely Tor from That's Peachy featured it in a blog post, I fell in love with it and ordered it that night.  It's a beautiful coppery pink colour and is perfect for Autumn. Here I've teamed it with Rimmel's Pro in Beige Babe, with just a light coating of Chelsea Square over the top.

Barry M Amethyst Glitter

This was part of a collection that came out late last year.  I abolutely love the colours in this; turquoise, purple, gold, pink and black small hexagonal glitter suspended in a clear base.  As you can see, I've applied this one in two ways; as a top coat for Topshop's Threadbare, and then did two coats for an opaque look.  

Nails Inc Connaught Square

This one is a definite to be applied all over the nail.  It's absolutely jam packed with small blue glitter and larger purple glitter.  I usually do 3 coats of this, though can get away with two if I'm in more of a rush.  I also have another one from this collection, Bloosmbury Square, which is small purple and large pink glitter.  I love them both, but Connaught Square just swings it for me.

Technique Carnival

I think most of you will recognise it as the famous dupe from the OPI Muppet's collection.  I picked this up in Bodycare for a Bargainous £1.99.  This mix of large and small multicoloured glitter looks great with pretty much any nail polish.  I'd normally wear this with a paler colour, but to add a bit of variety I've teamed it with Accessorize's Heart Beat nail polish.

Nails Inc Devonshire Street

I received this dinky little bottle in gift set last Christmas. It's a silver glitter, but is a bit more muted than most silvers I've seen before, it's almost champagne like in colour really.  Again this could be applied all over the nail and built up to a full-on glitter look, or as a top coat like I've done here.  I've applied Essie's Cocktail Bling underneath for a real wintery looking combination. Definitely one for the festive season!

What are your favourite glittering beauties?! Do you own any of these? Any you'd recommend? Let me know!



  1. These are so pretty, I especially like the Nails Inc Connaught Square x


    1. It's gorgeous isn't it?! Such a pretty colour especially for Autumn! xx

  2. Loved this post! what great Nail Polishes.
    Great Blog you definitely have yourself a new follower :)
    I write a small blog too xxx

    1. Aw thanks! Can't beat a glitter nail polish! :) xx

  3. Love the first one. The sequin bits look so nice on the blue nail polish.
    P.S: love the massive Costa mug on the pic in your sidebar! :)

    1. Ooh thank you! Love blue and gold together, the picture actually really doesn't do the blue polish justice, it' such a gorgeous colour.

      Can't beat a massive Costa mug of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows - so so good! :) xx


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