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The Beauty Addictions Tag

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While scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning, I spotted a rather interesting Tag post. I love a good tag post, especially one I haven't seen before. The lovely Georgina has started the 'beauty Addictions Tag', where basically you list what 5 beauty related items you're most addicted to; you can check hers out here. I was already thinking of mine as I was reading hers! We're all tagged so here we go with mine!
1. Mascara.
No matter how good I think a mascara is, there's no guarantee that I'll buy it again. I'm always convinced I'll find are more lengthening one, a more volumising one, a less clumpy one or one that's all three. I can tell you my favourite mascara is Max Factor False Lash Effect, but I couldn't tell you when I last bought it. I often have 2 or 3 mascaras on the go at once too.

2. Nail Polish
I reckon I have nearing on 100 bottles of the stuff. I'm sure many of you will have more, but I'm sure the fact that I rarely wear it makes my collection a bit excessive! I work with food, so nail polish is a big no-no which SUCKS. Yet whenever I'm buying things I don't need  browsing  in Boots I'll almost always pick up at least one bottle to add to my collection. 

3. Hair Products
Shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, heat protectant, texturising spray, you name it and I've probably got at least two bottles of it on the go! I get bored easily so hardly ever finish a bottle of something before wanting to try out a different brand. I've recently discovered the wonders of bumble & bumble products though, so trying to curb this addiction a little as their stuff isn't cheap!

4. Body Lotion. 
After hair products, this is my next biggest stash. I'm rather lazy when it comes to using it too, which is something I'm trying to get better at now that spring is on its way and the weather will hopefully be getting warmer; we're due a decent summer, surely!  I go through phases of using it, but I soon fall back into my habits of skipping it after my bath or shower. Despite this laziness, I still buy it and I've more than enough tubs to last me the rest of the decade year.

5. Anything Benefit! 
Benefit was the first high-end brand I tried, probably about 10 years ago. I used to use their Non-Fiction foundation  (anyone remember that? It came in a little box that looked like a book!) religiously and was gutted when they discontinued it. There was a time when everything on my face was Benefit and scoff in the face of any other brand, let alone use anything drugstore. Although my collection is much more balanced these days, Benefit will always hold a special place in my heart; Benefit got me into makeup in the first place. They're still the brand that I get most excited over new releases from, it's the first counter I'll go to in a department store and if it wasn't for Benefit, I dare say I may never have got into blogging.

So there's my Beauty Addictions! If you're reading this then consider yourself tagged and leave your link below if you do it! Oh and if you use the image above, please remember to credit Georgina, ta!

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