Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Holy Grail Hair Product

I count myself lucky when it comes to my hair, it's generally in pretty good condition and I don't have to do too much to get it to look how I would like.  That said, like many of us, I get my hair coloured regularly and I'm perhaps a little too fond of heated appliances, so I am naturally drawn towards products that will counteract the damage these do, or prevent too much damage happening in the first place. This is the latest addition in my quest for healthier hair.  I was a bit dubious when I kept seeing it crop up here, there and everywhere;  I mean, what does a hair primer actually do?

Well... it comes with quite a hefty list of claims. Not only does is protect against heat and UV damage, but this blend of six featherlight oils also help to soften, de-tangle, de-frizz, tame flyaways, ease styling and protect against breakages... phew! Usually when I leave my freshly washed hair to dry on it's own, ALL of the above happen! It gets so frizzy and knotty and is just impossible to do anything with.  But after spritzing this onto towel dried hair and combing it through with my fingers, my hair dries to a much more manageable finish with a slight wave that's perfect for everyday.  I'll sometimes repeat this process as it's air-drying if I want to enhance this effect, but even just doing it the once is pretty miraculous and I actually feel I can leave the house with my hair looking like it does! It also smells gorgeous and doesn't weigh your hair down at all.

At £19 it's not exactly cheap, but with 250mls of product, it will last you a long time.  I've had mine over 3 months and still have absolutely loads left despite using it at least twice a week.

Have you tried any Bumble & Bumble products?


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