Monday, 2 March 2015

Three Years On...

Today marks three years since my boyfriend passed out from Basic Training for the Army. Three Years. Wow. I can't believe it's actually been that long. Three years since myself and a few of our closest friends & members of his family made the long journey down to Bassingbourn Barracks, near Stevenage, to see the culmination of 12 weeks long hard slog, and I couldn't even put into words how proud I was to see him in his uniform, officially becoming a solider.  I was literally bursting with pride, and as soon as I saw him after the ceremony I burst into tears. 

Three years down the line and life as a 'military wag' is tough going.  We're not living together currently, so time together is limited.  But we manage; we make the most of the time we do have together and take comfort in the fact that it won't be forever.  Things are about to get harder though as in a little over a week, he's off on his first deployment meaning he'll be away for 6 whole months. Yes, 6 months. Gulp.  I'm telling you, it's scary how fast it's coming around; I've known since September he was going, but immediately put it to the back of mind as it was after Christmas, and therefore ages away.  But before we knew it, Christmas came and went and with the speed this year as being going, March has soon come around.

It may sound crazy, but in a lot of ways, this build up to him actually going is actually worse than the fact that he's going to be away.  We're used to spending time apart, okay we're not used to spending months and months apart, but time away from each other is normal for us.  Him being away isn't bothering me too much... yet, that could change and I know some days are just going to bloody suck, but in a way I just want him to hurry up and bloody go so I can get the initial 'goodbye' over with and focus on him coming home for his R&R.  I'm assured by other military partners that this feeling is completely normal and the main thing to do while he's away is just to keep busy.  I've a few things in the pipeline to keep me going, including a trip to see Wicked next month, and a weekend away with my best friend.  Counting down to these will hopefully be much better than having a wacking great six month countdown, and hopefully will make those weeks go by that bit quicker.

This is also partly why I've made a return to blogging. There's no real reason why I stopped to be honest; I'd had a bit of a tough time in the second half of last year so I guess my heart wasn't really into it.  I still read blogs, and had the occasional nosey on Twitter, but as time went on I realised how much I actually missed it. So here we go again, I can't wait to get chatting to other bloggers again and I'm hoping that by blogging again, it'll help these next few months just fly by!

It's good to be back!

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  1. Think of it this way... if we're now in March, imagine how quickly those 6 months are going to go as well especially if you keep busy like suggested :) I hope it does anyway. I know if my boyfriend went away for that length of time I'd be bored out of my mind, I can't cope when we don't see each other for a week never mind 6 months haha x


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