Sunday, 1 March 2015

The "Me Time" Tag

What do you like to watch or read during me-time?
Aside from watching YouTube videos or reading other blogs, I'll usually find something to watch on Netflix.  I'm currently watching Community and have recently discovered another show called Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  Another recent Netflix discovery is their documentaries; I've just added a bunch to my watch list, including one on the history of Napster (oh the memories!) and one on the founder of Burts Bees.  Defnitely worth looking through their documentaries section if you haven't already.  I also really love watching stand up comedy, both on Netflix and DVD.  I love Sarah Millican, Ross Noble, Micheal McIntyre and so many more. Can't beat a good giggle!

What do you wear during me-time?
Usually some sort of leggings and a t-shirt (plus hoodie if it's cold!) or pyjamas.  The leggings in the picture are my current favourite for lazing around in.  I picked them up, along with another pair, from Primark around Christmas.  While the other pair are a bit more festive with Christmas trees on, I think I can still get away with these penguin print ones even though the festive season is a distant memory!  Primark always have a great selection of printed tees which I'll usually wear too.

What are your favourite me-time beauty products?
When I'm in the mood for a good pamper, I'll use a really luxurious bubble bath, such as a Champneys one, or a bubble bar from Lush, the comforter is my favourite. I'll also give my hair a treat with a good hair mask, like this Charles Worthington one.  I like how you apply this to dry hair then just wash it as normal whenever you're ready. A good body scrub is a must if you're going all out on the pampering, and Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush is my all time favourite, you can read my review of it hereIt just smells amazing and does a really good job of getting rid of dry skin.  I'll usually do my nails too, following the routine I talked about earlier in the week (see my nails routine here) and apply some of my Soap and Glory's Heel Genuis to soften my feet a bit; they take a right battering from being on them all day at work! 

Current Favourite Nail Polish?
This is definitely a tricky one! I tend to go for quite pale, pastely sort of colours then add a bit of an accent with a glitter polish on one nail.  I love Essie's Mint Candy Apple; mine came in a duo with their Sparkle on Top topcoat and I love how these two work together.  I'm also really loving OPI's  Matte Nail Envy, mainly because I can get away with wearing that one for work and it has really made a difference to the state of my nails.

What do you eat or drink during me time?
Definitely chocolate! Dairy Milk, Galaxy, Milka... I'm honestly not fussy.  Aldi's chocolate is also deliecious! The bar in the picture is my last remaining bar of Irish Dairy Milk my friend brought me back from Dublin.  Believe it or not, Irish Dairy Milk tastes different to ours in the UK, it's creamier and I actually prefer it. Think I need a trip across the Irish Sea to stock up again!

Current Favourite Candle?
I'm currently burning Fireside Treats by Yankee Candles quite a lot.  It's delevious smell of toasted marshmallows is making me yearn for long summer nights, barbeques and, well, toasted marshmallows! I absolutely love toasting marshmallows and sandwiching them between two chocolate digestive biscuit... delecious! Although those summer nights are still a long way off, this secent works just as well in these cooler months and I'm sure the size of this thing will last me til summer anyway!

Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
Does shopping count...?! Aside from that, then no, not really! I do like walking though, especially having a walk around somewhere a bit different. York is one of my favourite places to have a walk around; the pretty scenery and quaint little shopping streets make it perfect for a day of exploring... and shopping!

Would you ever go and watch a film alone?
I don't think I would in all honesty.  For me, going to the cinema is a social event, maybe a bit of shopping beforehand,  and always food either before or after; my local cinema has a Nando's right next door... perfect! It's a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends I've not seen in a while.  I know I could still do all of these things alone but in all honesty I'm too much of a wuss!

Favourite  Online Shop?
For me it's probably any beauty related ones; I find online clothes shopping too much of a hassle, especially if you need to return something.  I love scouring through Feel Unique, Look Fantastic and Love Make-Up, they all have brilliant offers and my basket always ends up at least twice as full as it should be!  I have to give Amazon a mention too, they have pretty much everything on there, and my Prime subscription is a God-send... when they deliver on time that is!

Anthing to add? What else do you like to do during me-time?
One of my favourite things do do when I have some spare time is to bake.  I'm a bit out of practice lately, but I do make some pretty good cupcakes! I made delicious lemon cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream quite recently and they went down a  treat! Definitely need to make those ones again! I also could happily spend hours scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin' and of course Pinterest.  Bit obsessed with that one!

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