Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hair Care: Styling

I have a bit of a weakness for hair styling products. I could spend hours in Boots looking at different serums, hair sprays and all other lotions and potions they have to offer. Here's what I'm currently  reaching for most often.

Bumble and bumble invisible oil:  After washing my hair and giving it a quick towel dry,I apply a pump or two of this and work it through the mid-legnths and ends of my hair, then lightly going over the top section with the remainder. I'll go back and do the same thing once my hair is dry and styling is complete.

Bumble and bumble invisible oil primer. I raved about this recently on the blog so you can read that here. After using the original oil, I spray this miracle worker liberally through  my hair and work It through using my fingers. If I'm leaving my hair to dry naturally I'll leave it here and won't do anything else til my hair is dry. I try to let my hair dry naturally at least once a week to give it a break from the heat and have found my hair really has benefited from doing so.

Bumble and bumble blow dry:  This is a relatively recent addition. Although the invisible oil range does protect against heat, i wanted to incorporate more of a cream formulation as i feel these penetrate the hair more. This also aids styling, and I've found that using this helps keep my hair smooth whilst blow drying.

Charles Worthington texturisng spray: I'm a huge fan of adding texture to my hair and this is definitely one of my favourites to use. I actually prefer it to the more expensive bumble and bumble dry spun finish. It also smells much nicer! After using a curling wand or my ghds to add some waves to my hair, I'll spray this and sort of ruffle my hair, scrunch it, basically just play around with it til I'm happy with how it looks.

Fudge Iced Raspberry and Vanilla:  If I'm totally honest, I pretty much bought this because I thought it'd smell nice.  It does, and it also does the job it's intended to, but I'm not loving it.  I've never really found a hairspray I love, so will definitely be buying a different one when this has ran out.

What are your favourite styling products?

Sarah x

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