Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Festival Nails with Rimmel

Now that spring is upon us and thoughts are turning to holidays and festivals, it's time to ditch those dark nail polishes and incorporate something a bit brighter into our collections. While doing the shopping in Tesco recently, I found myself at the Rimmel stand (no idea how that happened...!) and came across these pretty, bright colours making up Rita Ora and Rimmel's latest collaboration. The 'colourfest' range consists of 12 shades perfect for the warmer months,with everything from brights to pastels to nudes, there's something for everyone! and I was so impressed with the shade range and had such a hard time choosing which to get on the 3 for 2 offer. So much so that I went to Boots the following week and bought another three! 

L-R Roll in the Grass, Go Wild-erness, Neon Fest, Peachella, Rain Rain Go Away, Glaston-Berry.
After much deliberation I opted for Glaston-berry; a bright red with a hint of orange. I'm not a fan of true-red nail polishes but the slight orange tone to this one makes it much more wearable. Neon Fest is a super bright pink which would look great on the toes  (especially with a tan if anyone wants to take me on holiday?!). Roll In the Grass is a mid toned aqua green. A bit deeper than the infamous Essie Mint Candy Apple, but still very wearable and not too in-your-face. Go Wild-erness is a lovely pale lilac colour. I've always had a bit of a thing for purple nails so this is definitely one of my favourite shades. Peachella is, as the name suggests, is a peachy shade, and finally Rain Rain Go Away is a more natural grayish brown, with a hint of purple in some lights I think. I love that the names are all to do with festivals, yet still for the most part, match the actual colour too; there's even a Port-a-Loo Blue in the collection which definitely wins the award for best name!

The design of the bottle is pretty much the same as the other 60 second super shine polishes by Rimmel except for the daisy design and Rita's signature on the lids. The centre of the daisy as well as the signature, is the same colour as each individual polish which I think is a lovely touch, and the overall design certainly gives them a springtime feel.  The brush is wider than your average nail polish brush which makes them much easier to apply, especially if your a bit clumsy and/or inpatient like I am when it comes to painting my nails! Some of the stronger colours are opaque after one coat, but I always like to do two coats to be sure of an even finish.  These polishes also claim to be a 3 in 1; incorporating both a base and topcoat in with the colour.  I'm not too sure about this; I'm sure the lighter colours you could get away without a base coat, but I only applied my polish yesterday and I already have a couple of chips.  I only wear it for a day or two at a time though (damn work!) so this isn't too much of an issue for me, but if you're wanting it to last a bit longer, I wouldn't skip your topcoat! They do dry to a lovely shiny finish which is always a good thing!

These polishes are priced at £2.99 and are currently part of Boots' 3 for  2 offer. There's definitely something for everyone in the 12 shades so grab them while you can!


  1. I'm so glad I saw this, I've been looking for a peachy nail polish for a while. I'm going through a peach phase at the moment, I can't believe how cheap they are!

  2. This collection looks perfect for the spring/summer months! very tempted to get them all :)

    Melissa xx ||

  3. These are such pretty colours! I love Glaston berry!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  4. LOVE this range! So pretty xx
    Love Vicki |

  5. Stunning colours. I enjoy the pastels and nude shades withe the occasional ultra bright, "cheer me up" type of colours once in a while.

  6. Such a pretty selection! I like the Roll in the Grass, Go Wild-erness and Rain Rain Go Away the best!



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