Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Essie: Grey Nails With a Twist

L-R Maxamillian Strasse Her, Parker Perfect, Cocktail Bling, Petal Pushers.
You may have seen Anna and Lily raving about Essie's rather oddly named Maxamillian Strasse on their blogs in the past. And rightly so, it's a gorgeous colour; a sort of greyish green, with a slight duck egg blue mixed in.  It's certainly one of those colours that looks different depending on the light. I've had this colour in my collection for some time, (read my review here) and reach for it quite often.  It's easily one of my favourite colours and is what kick- started my obsession with muted, pastely, greyish colours, a colour that Essie do brilliantly.  Since my love affair with Maxamillian Strasse Her began, I've added a few more Essie shades to my collection, all with a similar greyish twist going on.

Maxamillian Strasse Her is, like I said, the colour that started it all off.  A gorgeous muted mint green with a greyish tinge.  This colour would go with pretty much any outfit, in any season. 

Cocktail Bling is perhaps the most similar to Maxamillian Strasse Her; I like to think of it as it's more Blueish sister.  Again it looks different depending on the light; sometimes it looks more blue, other times more grey, all with a little hint of lilac thrown in for good measure.

Parka Perfect is somewhere between the two.  It seems to have the blue-ness of Cocktail Bling, with the green-ness of Maxamillian Strasse Her.  Again it's a cream finish, but with a very subtle silver sparkle. Not enough to class is as a true glitter polish, just enough to give it a hint of something on the nails.

Petal Pushers is a more recent addition and forms part of their spring 2015 collection. Essie describe it as a slate grey, with subtle red and blue undertones.  I'm not quite sure where the red undertones are, but there's definitely a purpley-blue hint to this and it looks really nice on the nails.

Top to Bottom: Petal Pushers, Parker Perfect, Cocktail Bling, Maxamillian Strasse Her.

I got all of these colours in either Boots or Superdrug, meaning they're part of the diffusion line with the wider brush making application a total dream.  They're all pretty opaque after one coat, but I always do two just to tidy things up a little.  The darker shades are perhaps not the most summery of colours, and I'd personally prefer to wear them for more of an occasion than just regular day to day wear.  I think they'd all make great transitional colours too; both going into spring, then again into the cooler months.

Are you a fan of these sorts of shades? Any more you recommend I try? Let me know!

Sarah x

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