Sunday, 22 July 2012

My First NOTD!

I've been off work this week which means I have been able to paint my nails!  I love nail varnish, and have a good 50+ bottles, but because of work, I hardly ever get to wear it.  I used to always wear it on my days off but half the time, I can't be bothered putting it on for a day, then having to take it straight off again that evening.  But as I had a whole week off, I really made a point of painting my nails.  If I'd been a good blogger, I'd have taken photos each time I painted them, but never mind, maybe next time I'm off I'll do that!

Anyway, this is how I did my nails for the weekend.  I had no major plans;  just a trip to Nandos and the cinema last night, then a bbq at a friends house today, but as it was the weekend I decided to jazz them up a bit and add a bit of glitter.  

First I used Amethyst by Accessorize.  I actually really like these nail polishes and keep meaning to buy more.  They're available in Superdrug and Accessorize stores and only cost £4.  They seem small, but are 10ml which is about average I think.  There's a pretty good range of colours too and the small brush & chunky lid make it really easy to apply.  

I then used a Nails Inc Special Effects varnish in Bloomsbury Square.  I bought this on a whim late last year,  along with Connaught Sqaure  (a blue with purple glitter) as I couldn't decide which I liked the most.  I've always worn these on their own, applying three coats to get a really opaque glitter effect.   This time I just applied the one coat over the Amethyst to give more of a shuttle shimmer, and the purple underneath still gives it that opaque look.  

I finished with a Bourjois topcoat that I got in a French manicure set for the simple reason that it's the only one I have!  I usually skip topcoats simply because I only really get to wear nail varnish for one or two days at the most, so it doesn't really get time to chip too badly.  I think I need to invest in a good topcoat though so if you have any recommendations feel free to let me know in the comments!


  1. These look really pretty, I've nearly picked up Accessorize nail varnishes in the past but was never sure how good they'd be for the price. But judging by your photo they seem nice and opaque, lovely colour too looks good with the glitter over x

  2. Beautiful nail colour! I've only got a couple of accessorize polishes but they are such good quality!

    Just found your blog through the BBU blog hop, hope you can check out my blog too? :)

    Laura xx


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