Friday, 13 July 2012

Maxi Dress Hunt!

Despite being barely over 5ft tall, I've never had a problem with clothes I've bought from the 'regular' ranges in the high street. Yes, I'll try and go for the 'short' leg length in jeans, but apart from that everything else fits fine. I tend to steer clear of the petite ranges, I find them to be a bit 'skimped' all over, and my usual size 10 feels a bit snug and just doesn't look right.  The only real problem I've had is it when it comes to maxi dresses, which are always a good six inches too long.  I used to be a bit wary of them as I thought they would just make me look even shorter, but after trying one on from the petite range at Wallis last summer, I decided I could perhaps get away with one after all!  Unfortunately I didn't buy the dress; it would have been perfect for a wedding I was attending later in the year but I had already spent £200 on my outfit for that, and it just seemed a waste of money. I'm kicking myself now! I wish I'd had the spare cash to buy it, as I can now think of fair few occasions where it would have been perfect for it! 

My local high street didn't have much to offer, and to be honest there wasn't a great deal online either, but here's my favourites from a not-bad-but-not-great bunch!

1. Dorothy Perkins;  £39.50. Dorothy Perkins is one of my favourite shops. I think it's great for day to day, wear, or for a smart/casual look. I really like the halterneck style to this one, it has a bit more shape than the strapless ones which I think would be more flattering on someone like me. 
2. Topshop; £55. I'm more a fan of the print on this one than the style of the dress to be honest. I think it may be a bit too baggy on top for me. However the colours are gorgeous and it'd look great with a tan.
3. Miss Selfridge; £33.  Another beautiful print, I think this one would be perfect for a summer wedding.  It does seem as if it'd be a little baggy on the waist, so I'd perhaps team this one with a high-waisted belt to give it a bit of shape.
4. Miss Selfridge; £39. Would you believe me if I said I had a thing for flowery dresses?! Pretty much every dress I own has some sort of flower print going on! This is the perfect maxi dress to take on holiday, it'd look great on the beach, or doing some sight-seeing, and would just as good when hitting the bars!
5. Wallis; £48. I'd say this one is more suited to evening wear, than day-to-day, though I'm sure it can be accessorized to incorporate whatever occasion!  Again, I like the halter-neck style, and I think the 'panel' in the middle would give an illusion of length, a must have when you're a shorty like me!

Out of these, I'd probably go for 1 or 5.  I think these would be more flattering on my body type.  I'm not super-skinny, and I think that teamed with my height (or lack of!) would mean that the strapless ones wouldn't do a lot for me.  I'm a little disappointed with the lack of choice to be honest, although in general the petite ranges aren't all that great; another reason why I avoid them!  

Has any other shorties had any luck in finding a nice maxi dress? Let me know!


  1. I have the same problem as Im fairly short!I have some nice maxi dresses from Very and ASOS usually have one or two in the petite range!cute blog btw xx

  2. I am the same height as you but I don't have problems with maxi dresses due to being quite big busted! If it is long, i wear wedges! I love the 1st dress!
    Found your blog the BBU Blog hop

  3. I am looking for a maxi dress too! But the best thing I could find was a waterfall maxiskirt from Primark :(

    I found you via BBU Blog Hop, and I love it!
    Have a nice day xx


  4. I'm only 5"3 but I actually find that New Look maxi dresses always fit me well, and they always have loads of styles :)
    I found you via BBU Blog Hop, lovely blog.

  5. Number 4 is really pretty.
    I found you via BBU Blog Hop

  6. I love #2! #4 is also a good choice :)

    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick
    (I found you through via BBU blog hop!)

  7. im a new follower and i found your blog through bbu

    i hope you can follow my blog

  8. Soo pretty, I like two the best I think, although its a hard choice! I am now following you :) Found your blog through BBU blog hop x

  9. Thank You everyone :) I actually managed to try the 2 Miss Selfridge ones on this week. Wasn't keen on 3, and number 4 had big slits on the sides which I didn't like! Hmph!

  10. wow, i love that first one! i too have a habit of falling in love with flowery dresses :) i'm 5'3" and really can't spend much time in heels so maxi dresses aren't quite readily available. i do have a few maxi skirts that i wear high-waisted with a nice belt of some sort that give the same effect as a maxi dress. good luck!


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