Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I always feel a bit silly writing these sort of posts! Oh well, here goes. I've blogged before but never really got in to it properly and I've decided to give it one last attempt, but with a bit of a difference! (hint: look at the blog name!)

As much as I love make up and beauty products, I'm not sure I buy enough... okay I probably do buy enough, but I don't really wear much on a day to day basis to focus solely on that.  I thought it might be fun to add another dimension to my blog to make it a bit different and just to add a bit of variety really! I love baking, especially cupcakes! My friend got me The Hummingbird Bakery book a couple of years ago now and basically that's where my obsession came from! I'm just a hobby baker for the time being, maybe I'll set up a business one day but for the time being I'm happy just doing it for fun!

So with this blog I plan on doing a variety of posts; I'll show off my cupcake efforts, talk about new (and old!) products that I love (or hate!) and tell you about anything particularly exciting that's happened in my life... hmmmm maybe not to many of those, my life is fairly boring hehe!


  1. Hey, thanks for following me! I'm following you now too, looking forward to seeing your baking posts!

    Vicky xo

  2. I feel silly doing them too. Haha. Oops. *gulps* The blog name is adorable! Just blog about what you want! Cupcakes and lipgloss sounds delicious to me...! I quite like baking too. :D Happy blogging!

    (Found you via the blog hop!)


  3. Excellent! are you going to show us cupcakes you have made?? I'm looking forward to that :)
    Found you through the BBU blog hop :) Now following :)



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