Thursday, 13 March 2014

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser

When it comes to body moisturising,  I'm definitely in the lazy girls camp. I seem to have a tonne of it,  but most days I end up skipping it.  Any product that is going to make this process more appealing (i.e. quicker and easier) is going to to grab my attention so I was definitely interested when these offerings from Vaseline hit the shops a few months ago. I've used Vaseline body lotions on and off over the years and have always found they do a good job, but would this translate in the quicker, spray version? Out of the three varieties, Essential Moisture, Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter, I opted for the Cocoa Butter as it's one of my favourite scents of all time and I figured it'd be best for my slightly dry skin.

The Application couldn't be easier.  Simply spray onto skin, give it a quick little rub, and you're good to go.  Not quite 'Spray and Go' more like 'Spray and give it a bit of a rub, then go', but still a definite time saver.  It sinks into the skin almost immediately and you're not left with any of that greasy, sticky feelings you can get with a traditional body lotion.  The spray really is continuous and makes moisturising those hard to reach areas like your back a doddle.  I was a little dubious as to how moisturising this would be, and while it does make my skin feel nice and soft, it's not super moisturising and if you had very dry skin this probably wouldn't be enough to use on its own.  I suffer from dry patches on the tops of my arms and need something a little richer to keep these in check.  I tend to use this as quick fix on a morning when I'm rushing to get ready and don't have time for a body butter to sink in, then switch to one of my many Soap and Glory tubs of moisturising goodness on an evening.  Best of both worlds that way!

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