Friday, 14 March 2014

Pinterest Picks #3: Clubbing

Last weekend myself and my best girl friends ventured into town for one of the girls' birthday night out.  As with any night out, there had been careful planning before hand; what time to go out, where to go first, what everyone was wearing, and so on.  I couldn't get out of my late finish at work, so opted to go down slightly later with one of the girls and meet the others there.  The night started out well, sat around a table on comfy chairs, having a good old gossip over a glass or two of wine.  We moved onto a little cocktail bar a bit further down the road and I enjoyed a delicious frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, even if I did manage to spill half of it.  Ooops. From there the night rapidly went downhill as we went to a club...

... The thing is, I don't really like clubbing. I've never been a massive fan, but as the years go by, it interests me less and less. Give me a pair of flats, plenty of space and a good dollop of cheesy music and I'm as happy as larry, but for the most part none of these happen on your average night out.  Instead you're forced to stand/dance in uncomfortable shoes, whilst getting pushed, shoved, walked into and/or have at least one drink spilt all over you, with music so loud you can't hear yourself think, let alone have a conversation with your friends. The queues to get in, the price to get in, the toilets with no locks or loo roll... yep, you guessed it, it's just not for me.  If the musics alright, I can tolerate heels well enough, but once they start to hurt that's it, I've had enough.  I don't care if they're playing my favourite song (The Killers, Mr Brightside if you're wondering...) I just want to go home.  Or at least, wait til that song's finished, and then go home.  Via a takeaway of course. 

An ideal night out for me these days is an evening in a pub, with some good music playing in the background.  I love getting together with my friends, having a nice pub meal (with dessert!) and having a nice chat without having to risk damaging our vocal chords.  The idea of getting home at a semi-reasonable hour is also appealing.  When I first started going out, clubs would always shut at 2am.  These days I'm ready for my bed by midnight.  I don't know how folk stay out til four or five in the morning, I don't think I could do that when I was younger! Nights in are equally appealing.  There's nothing I enjoy more than spending an evening on the sofa, in our comfiest clothes, chatting the night away over a bottle (each...oops) of wine with one of my best friends.  We have quite the conversations, let me tell you!  We pretty much laugh til we cry which is much more of a stress relief than a night of clubbing, for me anyway!

I realise this post makes me sound really old and boring but in all honesty, these days it's just not for me!

Do you go out clubbing? Do you prefer nights in or nights out?


  1. You forgot "and they stink" in your list :p As soon as the smoking ban came in all you could smell in clubs was sick and stale beer ... ewwwwwww!

    I used to go out most weekends in my 20s but now I can't bare it, I only go if I really really have to - like my sister's hen do, really couldn't get out of it that time, but I couldn't stand it! Too loud, too crowded, no room and horrible men trying to hit on me :(

    I think we might be old :(

  2. I'm old too!! Everywhere is too loud for me and people know now that if I haven't got a seat I'm not going!! My sister's hen do is in July, she has said that I can go back to the hotel and use the spa if I'd prefer....I might well do!! xx

  3. Love this post continuing our #30sbloggers chat last week! I used to be a "club kid" but now they frighten me. Well for one thing, I'd probably be grandma age to those kids in there haha. For another, I hate when you're packed in like sardines too and bumping into people and getting drinks spilled on you. Blah! And worse of all is the losers that hit on you. Yuck yuck yuck. I used to be friendly but now I barely acknowledge them. In fact the last few times I got hit on by a creepy dude I look at them and say, "I'm 36!" LOL!

  4. I generally prefer pubs with friends and a good atmosphere. I do like clubbing every now and then but the last time I went some guy actually tried to, ah, insert his fingers into my pants, and the time before that someone randomly grabbed my boobs. I ocasionally miss it because I like a cheesy dance but the risk of sexual harassment is a little too high these days it seems, haha!

    Nicola //

  5. Haha this describes me perfectly and I only turned 18 last year! If I do go out clubbing we go to the places where its free to get in, I always put spare loo roll in my bag and rarely ever wear heels. I need to enjoy myself comfortably!

    Olivia @ Awake Looks


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