Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Spring Beauty Tag

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I was recently tagged by the lovely Gillian to do the Spring Beauty Tag. Quite exciting because it's the first time somebody's actually tagged me; I've usually just jumped on the bandwagon and done the tag anyway so I'm quite chuffed that I've been tagged in this one! You can find Gillians blog here and her You Tube channel here.  I'm not as brave as her so I'm doing this tag in blog form! Hope you enjoy!

1. Do you change up your makeup when Spring arrives? If so, how?
Sort of.  I don't really think "Oh it's Spring so I must do my make up differently" or anything like that.  I always get excited over new Spring/Summer makeup releases and more often than not will purchase one or two things, but I guess I'm not using them because it's Spring, I'm just using them because they're new and I like them. Does that make sense?! I know what I mean! ;)

2. What's your favourite Spring fragrance?
Again, I don't really use specific frangrances depending on the seasons.  Although my all time favourite perfume is Stella, but I do tend to associate that more with the cooler months.  I also really like Viva La Juicy La Fleur which is a bit more floral so I'll go for that as my favourite Spring fragrance!

3. What's going to be your favourite accessory this Spring?
Hmm... I don't know.  I do tend to swich from a dark coloured handbag to a lighter coloured on in the summer months.  Nothing flash, usually just a cross over style one.  I had a lovely nude/pink coloured one from Dorothy Perkins last summer and was gutted when the strap snapped! I'll probably be on the lookout for something similar in the next few weeks. So, favourite Spring accessory will be a new bag!

4. What's going to be your most worn item of clothing this Spring?
I got really into maxi dresses last summer.  At just over 5ft I always struggled to find ones that fit but after buying a couple last summer I fell in love with them.  If we have a warm enough spring, I'll definitely be getting them out at the earliest oppurtunity!

5. What are your Top 3 favourite Spring nail polishes?
Nail polish is definitely something I change according to the seasons.  Spring is the time I'll get out my pastel and bright shades and put my darker colours to the back of my collection.  Some of my favourite Spring polishes would have to be:
Barry M - Papaya: A pretty pale orange shade from the Gelly collection.
Essie Cute as a Button: A beautiful pinky coral that I wore to death last year.
Topshop Prim and Proper: A slightly muted baby pink.  Perfect if you're not quite ready for full on pastels yet!

6. Do you prefer pumps or sandals in Spring?
I'd say pumps for the Spring.  I live on the coast so while the majority of the country is basking an early summer heatwave, it's almost certainly a bit cooler and breezier in my neck of the woods.  I tend to stay in my pumps til June at least!

7. What's your favourite Spring jacket?
It would have to be a short length, parka style jacket I got from Dorothy Perkins a good few years ago.  It has a hood and three quarter length sleeves and is just really casual.  It's a khaki/green colour and I love wearing it with skinny jeans and then pumps or sandals. That's pretty much my go to "look" for the warmer months.  In all honesty the jacket has seen better days, but I've yet to find another I like so much so it's staying put for now!

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