Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Review: Lush Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon

This week, I paid my first visit in a pretty long time to Lush. I do love Lush, but the price does put me off as it's not cheap, which I'm sure you know! I adore the bath ballistics and bubble bars, but tend to save them for when I really need a good pampering session.  But once I've used one, I want to have another bath with another one the following night.  I end up going through my stash really quickly so I only pop in for a few bits every so often, and use my just as lovely (but longer lasting!) Soap & Glory products the rest of the time.

On this visit, I decided to try one of the Bubbleroons and went for the Yuzu & Cocoa one.  They've been out for a while I think, but I've always over looked them. The Bubbleroons are priced at £2.95 and are called as such because they're shaped similar to macaroons, but I have to admit the peachy colour of this particular one did make it look like a bottom... teehee! ;)  And in case you were wondering, Yuzo is a type of Japanese mandarin.  According to the Lush website, in Japan, at winter solstice, they score the skin with a knife and then drop it into the bath to release it's oils and smell!  This is called the 'yuzuyu' (yuzu bath). This bar isn't actually made of Yuzu essential oils though, instead Lush have mixed lots of other citrus oils, with the aim of giving the yuzuyu experience, but with a little more warmth and depth.

I found using half of the Bubbleroon was enough to gave a good amount of bubbles, and the shape of these made it SO much easier than cutting a regular bubble bar with a knife! I tend to do this to most of my bubble bars anyway unless I'm really in need of a treat, then I just throw the whole lot in! 

This Bubbleroon smells delicious.  A kind of coconut-y scent, but with a bit of a fruity kick. Basically it smells like holidays! As well as getting a decent amount of bubbles, it also creates a very creamy bath, almost like the Lush bath melts. I think the Bubbleroon's are somewhere in between the two so you're getting the best of both worlds with these bottom shaped little beauties!

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