Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Boots Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover.

You may recognise this from my recent Skincare Haul post. I was looking for an alternative to my Clinque 'Take The Day Off' eye make up remover, and after deciding against the No7 one, I went for the Botanics version. All three of these products are of the oil-based variety, where you have to shake the bottle before using, which I really like.  I find they do a better job, and always follow with a cleaner anyway so oily lids after using them doesn't bother me.

I have used the Botanics one in the past and have really liked it, and attracted to the pretty new packaging, I decided to buy it again.  Unfortunately, the packaging isn't all they've changed.  When I got it home I realised that it had more of a pinky hue to it than I remembered the older version having.   It turns out that they have reformulated the product and, sorry Boots, I'm not a fan! For a start, it isn't as effective as removing my eye make up than the older version.  Since I always cleanse afterwards anyway (or use a wipe if I'm lazy!) I could probably put up with this until I've used the product up, and make a mental note not to repurchase.  My main issue with this is that it makes my eyes feel sore and irritated.  They sting as soon as I apply the cotton wool pad to my eye, and also I've noticed my eyes sometimes feeling sore throughout the next day too.  This is the only new product I've used around my eyes too, so I can't see anything else being to blame.  The old formula was so gentle, and never made my eyes feel sore or irritated and I'm disappointed that this new formulation didn't live up to that. I'm gutted really, I didn't use Botanics religiously, but knew it was always there, and I'd often go back to the eye make up remover, as well as other products.  Sorry Botanics, I think our love affair is over. Sob!

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