Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Chamilia Bracelet

I know, I know, there's not much on it at the moment. But I thought I'd share my Chamilia bracelet with you, as it does seem to be a brand that often gets over looked thanks to the likes of Pandora.  I received this as a birthday gift this year from my parents, who also got me the 'daughter' charm, a pretty self-explanatory one really! My aunty bought my the little basket charm in the middle.  It reminds me of the sort of bag you take to the beach with you on holiday.  I bought the other charm myself with some birthday money.  It's not totally clear in the picture above but it's a little paw print made out of pink Swarovski... well, Swarovski Elements, whatever that means!

I'm not sure why I received a Chamilia one, as opposed to the very popular and more well-known Pandora variety, but I'm actually very happy about it.  There's so many beautiful charms on the website and I already have a huge wish list that I have e-mailed my boyfriend a couple of times. (He's not taken the hint though - sniff!). I think it's a bit more unique too as everybody seems to have Pandora bracelets and I actually quite like correcting people when they assume the same for mine!

I also love how it's a leather bracelet, as opposed to the silver ones.  Personally I think the silver bracelet, coupled with X amount of silver charms can look a little too flashy for my liking.  The leather style of mine is a lot more casual and goes a lot better with the kinds of clothes I wear on a day to day basis.  I'm not sure what length it is,  but it's long enough to wrap around my wrist three times.  I'm not sure if it's supposed to, it may just be my skinny wrists(!).

Like I said, there's loads of gorgeous charms available, and there's a lovely Disney collection available at the moment. I have my eye on a couple of those as you can see in the picture below! The first two are from this collection.  The first says "Dreams really do come true" on the back, and the second is obviously a lyric from the Cinderalla song! These are just a few that I like, and I keep adding to my wish list all the time! 

Images from http://uk.chamilia.com


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  1. I got a Chamilia bracelet for my birthday last month too! :) I got the original silver band one. Love the beads you got for yours!

    Becky xxx


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