Sunday, 19 January 2014

Recent Favourites

Urban Decay 'Shattered' Face Case - Debenhams
Santa's Lip Scrub - Lush (no longer available)
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - Boots
Viva La Juicy, La Fleur EDT -  Boots 
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 8.0 - Amazon

As much as I enjoy reading monthly favourites posts, personally I don't change what I'm using enough to have different favourites every month.  So I thought doing a 'recent favourites' posts is the best way to show what I've been loving, just not on such a regular basis. First up is the Urban Decay 'Shattered' Face Case.  I picked this up a few months ago and it's pretty much all I've been using since.  With five eyeshadows, two blushers, a highlighter, lipgloss and brushes.  Speaking of brushes,  I bought the Real Techniques expert face brush as a back up for my buffing brush. as I couldn't justify buying another Core Collection set.  It's just as good, if not better, at applying liquid foundation, and I'm planning on doing a comparison post soon.  I've been quite restrained with Lush recently, however I did pick up the Santa's lip scrub in the run up to Christmas.  The cold, windy weather has taken it's toll on my lips, but this little pot has really helped them stay soft and flake-free.  I love the smell too, it reminds me of fizzy cola bottles!I managed to get a sample of this Viva la Juicy, La Fleur perfume on a shopping trip back in November; they were giving them out in Dorothy Perkins.  I'd actually forgotten about it, til a weekend away when I hastily put it in my bag as my trusty Travalo had temporarily gone AWOL.  I was actually really pleasantly surprised by it, it smells gorgeous! So much so, that I bought myself a full size bottle for Christmas. Sneaky, I know! Last up is my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, which was a bit of a post-Christmas treat, using my Christmas money.  I'd resisted gettng a tablet for so long, but now I wonder why! This one is the perfect size for curling up and reading; whether it be a book or a blog post, not to mention browsing Twitter and Facebook, and another set of lives for my Candy Crush addiction. If you're debating on whether to get a tablet, I definitely recommend you do!


  1. I have been debating it for ages! Maybe I should just let go of the fact I can't afford an iPad and get another tablet..hmmm!

    1. I was the same, had my heart set on an iPad for so long! But to be honest, this does pretty much the same as my Mam's iPad, but was less than half the price! x


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