Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lush Wishlist

There was a time, not that long ago actually, when I was obsessed with Lush.  I had countless bath bombs and bubble bars, as well as many a body lotion and other bits and pieces.  And while I never went off Lush, I kind of just stopped topping up my stash and used more purse-friendly bath products instead.  In all honesty though, I've missed using Lush and after receiving a little gift set from a friend for my birthday, I'm itching to build up a stash once more.

After spending a few minutes on the Lush website, I have a list of things I want as long as my arm.  I thought I'd post a little selection here (a nice easy post to get back into the swing of this blogging malarky!) so let me know if you've tried any! I've deliberately chose things I've yet to try from Lush, to make things more fun!

1. African Paradise Body Conditioner - £19.95.  This looks like a similar kind of product to the Nivea In Shower Moisturiser.  You use it in the shower (yes, really!) after your usual shower gel, then rinse of.  It saves the need to use a body lotion once you've showered, which is something I hate doing and often neglect.  I really like the Nivea version, but I'm not overly keen on the Nivea fragrance, so this version from Lush is something that really does appeal to me.

2. Brightside Bubble Bar - £4.50.  Ah the bubble bar; my all time favourite Lush product.  This is one of the larger side ones, like the Comforter, which you can certainly get at least two uses out of.  The name of this one really drew me in, as Mr Brightside by The Killers is my all time favrouite song, so I want to try this bubble far for that reason alone! It has a citrusy fragrance which makes a change from the usual Lush products I buy.  

3. D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap - £5.75.  I've never really been enticed by Lush's shaving products lately, but the pretty pink colour, and the fact it's made with strawberries and cocoa butter drew me in.  I mean, it just sounds gorgeous! I kind of wish it was a body wash or body lotion instead as it sounds too nice to 'waste' on shaving.  I tend to find most shaving gels, however nice they smell at first, have the same lingering 'shaving gel' smell once you've finished shaving, so here's hoping this once will be different.

4. Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb - £3.25.  How funny is the name of this one?! The colours are so bright and psychedelic aren't they?! Would definitely stand out a mile in store! This is another citrus scented once, something I really like at this time of year.  Would be interesting to see what colour this one turns your bath water; there's that much going on!

5. Dream Cream Body Lotion - £11.50.  This has been around for ages but I've never got round to trying it.  It's meant to work wonders on those suffering with excema, or who have sensitive skin, and while those don't really apply to me, I do suffer from my fair share of dry patches on my arms, especially if I use overly harsh products.  With it's soothing ingredients and calming lavender scent, I think it'd be perfect to use at night time.  Definitely want to try this!

6. Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar - £5.50.  I've never tried any of Lush's hair products yet, but have heard many good things about their shampoo bars.  This particular one gives your hair a really deep clean, so I think it'd be perfect to use maybe once a week to get rid of build up from styling products etc.  I can't help but think they'd be a bit messy though, and more faff than just using a regular shampoo... let me know your thoughts on this!

7.No Drought Dry Shampoo - £3.75.  Dry shampoo - a life saver for anyone with a fringe/bangs.  I've used my trusty Batiste (and lately, Dove's dry shampoo which is amazing!) for years, and absolutely would not be without it now.  I've heard many great things in blogland about Lush's offering and have been intrigued by it forever.  But, again, is it not really messy? I can see it giving us dark haired girls some serious grey roots? Any brunettes out there tried it? Does it work?!

8. Karma Bath Melt - £4.35.  How amazing does this look?! I mean, look at it! I've used the Karma bubble bar before, and really liked it, so I'm pleased to see more products in this range.  The bath melts are lovely, always leave my skin super soft and feel more luxurious than the bath bombs and bubble bars.  Not sure I'd fancy clearing all that gold glitter out of my bath though...!

Have you tried any of these products? Or have any more recommendations?! Do share!


  1. I love the Ro's Argan Oil body conditioner and for times when my skin is being sensitive, I do like the Ultrabland cleanser too x

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  3. Hey! I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award in my latest post! :)
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